Our Activities

Our development programs for the under privileged:

We peruse to be a responsible citizen of this corporate world by utilizing part of our revenues to support underprivileged children, university students and fresh graduates by providing free programs to increase opportunities for employment.
We extend our support to Schools and Universities across Myanmar by engaging ourselves to help those to improve their skills & train them to use their maximum potential within themselves. In some recent cases we have been part of many events where we got sponsored partially & others have invited us to arrange fund rising events in support of this scheme.
We appreciate the support we received & we feel fortunate that we are in a position from where we can enlighten the society and contribute to their life by simply training or enchanting the skills. If you would like to join in the program or want to know further details kindly contact us through at Tel: 09 401088221 OR email: info@panellistmm.com

Unique edge as Professional Consultant and Program Provider

  • Expert in development and implementation of competency-based learning programs, including contextualization of training programs to meet clients’and learners’ needs
  • Expert in development and implementation of Competency-Based Human Resource Systems in alignment with Competency Framework
  • Knowledgeable in industry benchmarks and practices at national level
  • Utilization of interactive & engaging training methodologies & technological platform